AC Milan Schedule in Serie A 2017-18: 10 Action Sengit Waiting

AC Milan Schedule in Serie A 2017-18: 10 Action Sengit Waiting

Serie A 2017-18 Serie A League Timeline has been released. The clubs began to study their schedule including the important matches they had to go through.

Including AC Milan. The new club is doing the shopping of this massive player has been awaited at least, 10 crucial matches involving four of their strongest rivals.

In the opening match, AC Milan face Crotone at Stadio Ezio Scida, 20 August 2017. After that, Il Diavolo Rosso will host Cagliari at San Siro on 27 August 2017.

Entering the third week, Vincenzo Montella squad faced a heavy opponent, namely Lazio. Milan duel contra Lazio was going to be held at the Stadio Olimpico on September 10, 2017.

In early October this year, AC Milan met city rivals Lazio, AS Roma. Game I Rossoneri against I Giallorossi dihelat at San Siro.

Not just Lazio and AS Roma, AC Milan will also serve Inter Milan, Juventus, and Napoli. Inter contra meeting took place at week 8, Juve at week 11, and Naples in the 13th week.

Here is the schedule of AC Milan fierce match in Serie A 2017-2018:

Schedule Sengit AC Milan

First round:
Week 3 – Lazio Vs AC Milan – 10 September 2017
Week 7 – AC Milan Vs AS Roma – 01 October 2017
Week 8 – Inter Milan Vs AC Milan – 15 October 2017
Week 11 – AC Milan Vs Juventus – 29 October 2017
Week 13 Napoli Vs AC Milan – 19 November 2017

Second Round:
Week 22 – AC Milan Vs Lazio – 28 January 2018
Week 26 – Roma Vs AC Milan – February 25, 2018
Week 27 – AC Milan Vs Inter Milan – March 4, 2018
Week 30 – Juventus Vs AC Milan – 31 March 2018
Week 32 – AC Milan Vs Napoli – April 15, 2018

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