Atep Sebut Game Persib Vs Persija Battle of Self-Esteem

Atep Sebut Game Persib Vs Persija Battle of Self-Esteem

Great match between Persib Bandung counter Persija Jakarta will dihelat Saturday (22/7/2017) at the Gelora Bandung Stadium of Fire (GBLA) Agen Bola Online. For captain Persib, Atep, the game continued Liga 1 later won.

Therefore, the three points will “lift the chin” Persib who is now slumped. In addition, the game will be a duel of self-esteem.

“We know the competition is not just in the field but off the pitch between the less harmonious supporters, that’s what makes the game hot in my opinion,” said Atep, Friday (21/07/2017).

“And for us, the opponents of Persija fight the pride because we know defeat against persija like it runs out all If winning against Persija will be good for us,” he added.

Atep aware, victory targets will not be easy to achieve. Moreover, the Kemayoran Tiger is in a stable condition.

In 10 games, Ismed Sofyan and his friends never collapsed. Atep also admitted about the solidity of the opposing team.

“The match is quite heavy because we are facing Persija and we also know Persija more good, but I am sure we also want to rise, that our capital,” said the owner of the number 7 backs.

Given the importance of the game, Atep promised to perform all-out. Withdrawal coach Djadjang Nurdjaman, Atep continued, did not make the team’s compactness plummeted.

“Despite being abandoned by our coaches, we have also experienced this when PSM Makassar opponent is also a good moment for us to rise, let alone opponents Persija.This is a bout of self-esteem, so I think we should be all out,” he said.

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