Barton Critic Jurgen Klopp

Barton Critic Jurgen Klopp

Former Manchester City player Joey Barton has stated that the comments made by Jurgen Klopp should be considered nonsense.

Previously, after the Reds get sharp criticism from the circles because his team often get unsatisfactory results of the German man was asserted will make a book titled how to survive properly .. But in fact the Merseyside club back to reap bad results.

Where last weekend Jordan Henderson cs must swallow a painful defeat 4-1 against Tottenham Hotspur. Interestingly two goals Spurs born quickly because of mistakes from Dejan Lovren which is considered not able to anticipate well.

Even now the club is based in Anfied recorded a top English League club conceded the most up to 16 goals and the result is now the Reds should sag in the rankings to nine standings by packing 13 points. After watching the duel a hot fight Barton admits Everton’s eternal rival is very good in the attack, but in terms of survival for him is very bad.

“Two weeks ago Klopp was writing a book to stay in two hours,” Joey Barton told the media.

“He also said that he is the best man to handle Liverpool, there is no better person in the world managing Liverpool. Well, if you do a survey of Liverpool fans this morning, aka big tone of doubt about it.

“You must take something that Jurgen Klopp katakana as omom empty. I am one of the first to say that I do not have it. The mistakes they made in the back, the attitude to endure, made me think: what are they doing during this week ?.

“They have a good front line, Salah is a great signing, Coutinho they managed to keep, but at the back line is very bad.”

While with a painful defeat last weekend against Tottenham, the insistence that Klopp immediately in the fire began to emerge and touted Carlo Ancelotti a very appropriate man to meggantikan position.

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