Chiellini: Not Just A Defender’s Responsibility

Chiellini: Not Just A Defender’s Responsibility

Giorgio Chiellini declared all Juventus members responsible for multiple goals.

The Bianconeri are known for their formidable defense over the past few seasons, but so far they have conceded 13 goals in 11 games.

“We are all in charge, when we did not break out, I was the first to say it was not for me, or the defenders,” Chiellini said.

“The defensive mode is about the team, otherwise it would be so easy if we play an individual sport, like tennis.

“This is a team game, so balance is paramount. Juve certainly had to tighten up the defense, and we were all aware of it.

“Bonucci? He is calm, hard to change reality and we all give him the spirit because our relationship is very good.

“He can go back to the level he used to feel at Juve, he will always get support from us.”

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