Fassone Lift Talk Related to Pallotta’s Words

Fassone Lift Talk Related to Pallotta’s Words

AC Milan official Marco Fassone said he was completely unaware of the allegations by President of Rome, James Pallotta about their unbalanced balance sheet Sbobet Casino.

Instead, he insists the current condition of Milan is much healthier than before or even healthier than the Giallorossi.

Previously, Pallotta condemned the movement of AC Milan in the transfer market that he thought unreasonable. The Roman president accused the Rossoneri of borrowing money from some of the people who used the money to buy new players this summer.

Comments from Pallotta itself has gained refutation from Fassone. And one of Fassone’s comments from Pallotta’s comments was that the Rossoneri salary would be the same as their income.

“I do not know how Pallotta can think that our salary will soon be equal to our income,” he told local media.

“Our plan maintains a revenue threshold of 50-60 percent and we have started from a very low threshold because we are inheriting a squad with a salary that is far below the competitive behavior,” he continued.

“In the end, the club’s debt reached 120 million euros, which is much better than Rome, which, due to being listed on the stock market, makes their balance sheet publicized.

“I do not want to comment on them, but everyone can see the level of debt they have,” he said.

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