League Results 1, Two Goals Bambang Pamungkas Immerse Semen Padang

League Results 1, Two Goals Bambang Pamungkas Immerse Semen Padang

Two goals Bambang Pamungkas successfully deliver Persija Jakarta defeated Semen Padang with a score of 2-0 at Patriot Candrabhaga Stadium, Bekasi City, Sunday (22/10/2017) Sbobet58.org.

This match runs in moderation during the first half. Persija dominated with 53 percent possession of the ball.

Even so, winger Semen Padang, Riko Simanjuntak became the most prominent player in this round. Riko movement often troublesome left side Persija who escorted Rezaldi Hehanusa. The last name was already hit by a yellow card.

Semen Padang has a chance through kicking Vendry Mofu and Irsyad Maulana. Meanwhile, Bambang Pamungkas wasted a net opportunity in the 42nd minute. Heading without control of the players still bounced over the opponent’s crossbar.

In the extra minute of the first half, Rohit Chand kick also can still be pushed over by replacement goalkeeper Semen Padang, M Ridwan.

In the second half, Persija attack more varied. The capital team began to be able to confine the defense of Semen Padang.

Bambang Pamungkas spread the threat in the 60th minute. However, his volley widened thinly on the right side of goalkeeper M Ridwan.

Bepe, greeting Bambang, finally broke the deadlock Persija in the 69th minute. Utilizing Rezaldi Hehanusa’s cross, his volley punctured goalkeeper Semen Padang.

In the final ten minutes of the game, Persija actually play in pressure. Irsyad Maulana twice broke through the goalkeeper Andritany.

The preoccupation of chasing an equalizing goal, Semen Padang forgot defense. As a result, Bepe sealed victory Persija through his goal in the final minutes of the game.

Despite the win, Persija has not moved from sixth place standings with 52 points. While Semen Padang for the first time fell into the relegation zone with 29 points.


Persija Jakarta 2-0 Semen Padang (Bambang Pamungkas 69 ‘, 90’)


Persija (4-3-3): 26-Andritany Ardhiyasa; 28-Rezaldi Hehanusa, 4-Ryuji Utomo, 33-William Pacheco, 14-Ismed Sofyan (11-Novri Setiawan 56 ‘); 29-Sute Password (18-M Hargianto 84 ‘), 27-Fitra Ridwan (7-Ramdani Lestaluhu 73’), 32-Rohit Chand; 10-Rudi Widodo, 50-Bruno Lopes, 20-Bambang Pamungkas

Coach: Stefano Cugurra

Semen Padang (4-2-3-1): 22-Jandia Eka Putra (21-M Ridwan 43 ‘), 2-Novan Setya Sasongko, 5-Novrianto, 16-Agung Prasetyo, 11-Hengki Ardiles; 89-Cassio Francisco 6-Fridolin Yoku (77-Finno Andrianas 55 ‘); 10-Vendry Mofu, 20-Riko Simanjuntak (12-Adi Nugroho 73 ‘), 88-Irsyad Maulana; 14-Tambun Naibaho

Coach: Syafrianto Rusli

Referee: Alireza Faghani (Iran)

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