Liverpool start aiming for Ajax young midfielder, look for substitute Coutinho?

Liverpool start aiming for Ajax young midfielder, look for substitute Coutinho?

Liverpool camp reportedly is exploring the possibility to recruit Ajax attack midfielder, Judge Ziyech. Many parties later called him a replacement for Coutinho who will move to Barcelona.

Ziyech is a player who reliably operates as an attacking midfielder, but he can also be positioned as a winger, depending on the needs of the team. He is also famous for his lethal free kick, as well as a high level of shot accuracy.

The 24-year-old midfielder became one of the most influential pillars in the game The Amsterdammers. He scored 12 goals and created 20 assists in all competitions with Ajax.

Judge Ziyech – Ajax Amsterdam
Liverpool has so far been bringing Mohamed Salah which is meant to add quality in the line of attack. But aware of rumors Coutinho’s move is increasingly becoming, Ziyech was rumored to be an alternative to Liverpool.

Nevertheless, Cou transfer news to Barca is still not clear. With a wish, Ziyech can be a brilliant recruitment to maintain the quality of the attack the Reds.

Given Cou who is so far placed in midfield position, Ziyech will be a qualified coating for the team’s goals to reach the target next season.

The Reds are expected to provide an alternative to prevent extraordinary panic, if true they will be left behind Coutinho. At least if Ziyech can be imported before the competition rolls, it will be very profitable to them, either if Cou leave or not.

Given Liverpool will play in Champions League competition if they qualify for a play-off, then they need a coating skill that has the ability to match the first team. Can be seen as an example of Real Madrid, when they won the Champions League two-game title, the second-tier squad as good as the first team. That’s how football goes, where there’s quality there is success. Although without putting aside the quantity.

But if there are still about two weeks ahead to bring in new players, before the transfer market really closed on 31 August. (Source: Liverpool Echo)

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