Valverde: Barcelona Must Forget Neymar

Valverde: Barcelona Must Forget Neymar

Barcelona coach Mario Ernesto Valverde wants La Blaugrana to open a new leaf, and forget about Neymar’s departure Situs Poker Online.

The Brazilian star moved to PSG, with a transfer fee of 196 million pounds, with Valverde wishing him the best for the 25-year-old’s career.

“Everyone is free to choose his own destiny,” the Spaniard told reporters. “He has chosen his destiny, and we wish him luck.”

“We want to see him stay here, but now we have to open a new page.”

“You do not have to look back, and just have to look ahead. Many things you can see, Some doors may be closed, but there are other doors that are also open. “

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