Zielinski: Face Juventus No Game Scudetto Determination

Zielinski: Face Juventus No Game Scudetto Determination

Napoli midfielder Piotr Zielinski insists if the match counter Juventus is not a game to determine the Scudetto competition kaisar123.com.

Where, Napoli is currently sitting at the top of the standings semnetara will hold the defending champion at the Stadio San Paolo this weekend.

And ahead of the match Dries Mertens and colleagues to be the favored to win the game, but it is directly in Zielinski argued that the team must be on full alert during the game.

“Facing Juventus will be a wonderful and entertaining match, we hope to win,” Zielinski told local media.

“It will be a special challenge, we feel expectations like the previous games. We want to give everything and win, to bring us closer to our dreams and goals. ”

“If we win we will get an important advantage from Juve in the table, but it will not be a game to play because there are still a lot of games to go.”

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